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Welcome to The Eagles Mere Air Museum in Beautiful Sullivan County


Hooray!!! The Museum is now open on
Saturdays and Sundays.
Hours are 11:00am-4:00pm
Don't miss this great season!


Admission Prices

Air and Auto Museum  
Adults $8
Families children under 17
2 Adults, 2 Kids


Our Facebook page has over 1300 likes and we post lots of new images there every day. Check it out at and don't forget to like us. https://www.facebook.com/Eagles.Mere.Air.Museum

In Addition to the Eagles Mere Air Museum, Sullivan County boasts lots of other fantastic museums to visit. Check out Sullivan County Museum Tour. You will find links to many of the fine museums around the area. Our contact page also has additional informational links sites in and around Sullivan County.

Please see a special notice regarding flight operations around Eagles Mere. See our Operations page for details.


All photographs, images and content is original to this website. Please do not download the photographs or content without permission from the museum or photographer. No images will be allowed to be sold. All images are property of The Eagles Mere Air Museum and/or Juliet Lindrooth Photographer. Thank you for your understanding.

Be sure to check the events page for our upcoming events.

We have a new video of a cut away Lycoming R-680-9 Radial Engine. This is a similar engine that we have on our Stearman.


We have posted a new article by Barry Schiff for AOPA about our Curtiss Robin. It's a great story about this proud bird. You can read the article here. Click on Articles.

It's still snowing in Eagles Mere as of today (March 31, 2015) and even Santa Claus is confused by the weather.


Here is a wonderful video of our Cessna AW. Enjoy


So what is a ground loop and why are tail wheel airplanes so hard to fly?
Check out this video.




This is a great video of our closing day 2014 made by Dick Kompas.
Thank you Dick for sharing this with us
Check out this video.

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Our Mission

We have assembled a collection of very rare aircraft and engines. Many are the only examples left in flying condition. The collection consists of vintage aircraft ranging from 1917 to 1944 and engines starting from 1910. On a nice day you may even see the aircraft flying. This is a flying collection of aircraft, not a static collection. It is our hope to educate the public, flying or not, about these wonderful machines and the brave men and women who flew them. Without these pioneers, we would not have the luxury of our current air travel system.


In addition to the vintage aircraft and engines, we also have a display of vintage airplane related paraphernalia such as toys, signs, posters and pictures.
Many of the airplanes on display were flown when important developments were occurring in early aviation. For instance:

The Collection includes the following Aircraft:

The Aircraft Collection
1911 Morane-Borel monoplane 1929 Travel Air 10
1917 Polson Special 1929 Waco CTO Taperwing
1917 JN4C Curtiss Jenny 1929 Pitcairn PA 6 Mailwing
1918 Thomas Morse Scout S4C 1930 Bellanca CH 300 Skyrocket
1924 Lincoln Sport 1930 Franklin Sport 90
1924 Swansen SF 1932 Brunner Winkle Bird CK
(original owner Wiley Post)*
1926 ThunderBird 1933 Aeronca C3 "Bathtub"
1927 Swallow* 1935 Kinner Sportster B
1927 Henderson Heath Parasol 1937 A-40 Heath Parasol
1928 KR 31 1940 Tiger Moth
1928 Alexander Eagle Rock A-4 1940 Luscombe 8C
1928 Travel Air 3000 1942 Piper J3 Cub
1928 Waco GXE 1944 Stearman PT13
1928 Curtis Robin Model A Ford powered Pietenpol
1928 Cessna AW 1929 Curitss Fledgling
* Under Restoration  

Check Back Frequently for Updates.
Last update was: June 6, 2018

Updates are:

The museum's new hours will be 11am-4PM Sat and Sunday. See you next spring! We are not yet open for the season. See hours.