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The Museum is a private foundation, the Eagles Mere Air Museum Foundation, a 501C3.
The Museum can accept gifts which may be tax deductible but consult with your accounting advisor.

Hooray!!! The Museum is now open on
Saturdays and Sundays.
Hours are 11:00am-4:00pm
Don't miss this great season!


The Eagles Mere Air Museum is located at Merritt Field (4PN7), a private airport about 2 ½ miles east of Eagles Mere, Pa. (17731) on Pa. State Route #42.  The museum houses a living collection of airplanes, airplane engines, and related toys and artifacts from the golden age of flying—1908 to 1935. There are approximately 20 airplanes currently located at the field and several more in restoration nearby. Virtually all of the museum’s collection flies regularly.  The staff feels this distinguishes the collection from many other venues in both the functional quality of the exhibits and the fact that visitors at the right times of the year can see the planes in operation.  A large number of these aircraft must be started in the old fashioned way by hand propping, and once airborne, there is nothing to compare with the sound of a 9 liter OX5 V-8 at 1450 RPM overhead.

Many of the airplanes are the only remaining flying specimens and a number of the airplanes were either the personal property and actively flown by such flying greats as Wiley Post, Roscoe Turner, Earl Doherty, Swen Swanson or they are originals of the type in which famous female pilots like Elinor Smith or Louise Thaden set world records.

The exhibits show the evolution of aircraft engine technology from the earliest period of commercial aviation through the presentation of 20 rare engines starting in 1908.  Story boards not only highlight the particular engines but also the evolution of new thinking in engine technology.  Individual pilot histories are linked to the planes on exhibit giving personality to those planes.  For instance, one can see and touch the plane that Elinor Smith flew under all the bridges on the East River in NY in 1928 when she was 17, before being arrested and becoming an instant personality.  Not only do the pilot histories come alive but so do the planes they flew.

Visitors are reminded that the airplanes are fragile and may not be touched unless under supervision.  Visitors are specifically forbidden to smoke, no pets are allowed, and while we love to inspire the young, the museum can be dangerous for our younger children. Please keep your children under strict control at all times.

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Hours of Operation:

The Museum will be open for the season on Saturday and Sundays from 12 PM to 4 PM. We will endeavor to actively fly planes (weather permitting) when the museum is open on Sundays. Openings at other times may be possible by prior appointment.

Group tours are available call Karen at 570-220-2429

Children must be supervised at all times.

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Last update was: February 5, 2016

Updates are:

The museum's new hours will be 11am-4PM Sat and Sunday. See you next spring!