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Eagles Mere Aircraft Collection
We are still gathering information to make pages for some of our newer collection.
Click on the picture or name to see if there is a page for the Aircraft.

Polson Special File Picture Polson Special File Picture
1911 Morane Borel Mono Plane 1917 Polson Special 1917 JN4C "Jenny" 1924 Lincoln Sport
1924 Swansen SF 1926 ThunderBird 1927 Swallow 1927 Henderson Heath Parasol
1928 KR 31 1928 Travel Air 3000 1928 Waco GXE 1928 Curtis Robin
1928 Cessna AW 1928 Alexander Eagle 1929 Travel Air 10 1929 Waco CTO Taperwing
1929 Pitcairn PA 6 Mailwing 1930 Bellanca CH 400 1930 Franklin Sport 1932 Brunner Winkle Bird CK
1933 Aeronca C3 "Bathtub" 1935 Kinner Sportster B 1937 A-40 Heath Parasol 1940 Tiger Moth
1940 Luscombe 8C 1942 Piper J3 Cub 1944 Stearman PT13  

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